Inmate injures two in escape attempt


Alleged murderer Justin Mackie, 20, attacked a nurse and a corrections officer Sunday in an escape attempt from Albert Einstein Medical Center, prison officials said.

Hospital security caught Mackie. The nurse was treated and released, however the correctional officer was hospitalized for head injuries. He is in stable condition as of Monday afternoon, according to prisons spokeswoman Shawn Hawes.

Mackie somehow obtained a handcuff key and tried to escape after uncuffing himself while in the bathroom, Hawes said. He is incarcerated on charges related to three separate homicides.

Mackie faces charges for the July 9, 2013 murder of Carlos Barnes, 51, the July 15, 2013 murder of Tyrone Hayes and the July 18, 2013 murder of Otif Wright. He also faces charges for shooting and robbing a cabdriver, who survived.

In addition to the homicides, Mackie will now face new aggravated assault charges, according to Hawes.

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