It’s kind of a strange story

We weren’t really shocked to see Zach Galifianakis cast as a psychiatric patient in “It’s Kind of a Funny Story,” which hits theaters Oct. 8. But we are surprised that this is the first time one of his characters has been formally committed. Surely, he earned his spot on the ward over the past couple years:

‘Between Two Ferns: Michael Cera’ (2007)

The role: As the interviewer from hell, Galifianakis regularly terrorizes his guests on his Funny or Die segment. But when he tried to tickle Michael Cera, we were truly disturbed (and, sure, a little embarrassed that we’ve tried this, too).

‘The Hangover’ (2009)
The role: As bachelor party “guest” Alan, he carried a beeper, a man purse, and a supply of roofies, ultimately managing to be the most dangerous part of a film that also included Mike Tyson and his pet tiger.

‘G-Force’ (2009)

The role: Galifianakis leads a team of a special-ops guinea pigs, which we would be happy to pass off as a perfectly normal, kid-friendly venture for a comedian. Except that he told Metro he dined on the critters to better understand his co-stars — and we kind of believed him.

‘Dinner for Schmucks’ (2010)

The role: It’s hard to beat Steve Carrell and his dioramas in this one, but Galifianakis as an aggressive psychic and author of “Your Mind is My Puppet” might be the schmuck you’d least want to sit next to.

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