Iverson giving fans what they want to see

Allen Iverson is no longer one of the best players in the NBA. Heck, he’s not even the best player on the Sixers anymore. But that still hasn’t stopped millions of fans around the world from voting him in as an All-Star starter.

Barring a last-minute surprise in the voting, Iverson will be named as one of the starting guards for the Eastern Conference tonight in next month’s All-Star game.

Even though he acknowledges there are probably other players more deserving of the honor, he’s not going to turn it down. If the fans want to see him out there, that’s what he intends to give them.

“I thought that’s what it’s about,” Iverson said of the fans’ voting. “All 10 other times I made it that’s how I got in.”

Iverson started last night’s game against Portland and finished with nine points on 3-of-9 shooting. He also had four rebounds and no assists.

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