Iverson letting Iguodala keep starring role

It was only Allen Iverson’s second game back, but it was a strange sight.

Twice on Wednesday the Sixers had the ball with the game tied and under a minute to go. And twice Iverson gave up a chance to be the hero in favor of passing to Andre Iguodala.

Iverson deferring to teammates? Maybe he really has changed.

Of course, Iguodala came up empty on both chances and the Sixers lost for the 11th straight time.
Afterward, Iverson admitted he wanted to take the final shot, but couldn’t complain about the wide open 3-pointer Iguodala had to win the game.

“That’s the type of player I am. I wanted the shot, but I mean, I don’t think I could have got a better shot than the one we had,” Iverson said. “But, inside of me … yeah, I wanted to take that shot.”

The last shot isn’t the only way Iverson has been careful not to step on Iguodala’s toes. Iguodala is still shooting the team’s technical free throws, even though Iverson is better from the charity stripe.

Igudoala has also been announced last in pregame introductions for the past two games, and he’s making $12.2 million while Iverson will pocket less than $1 million.

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