Ivey league: Sixers role player logging valuable minutes early in season

When the Sixers signed Royal Ivey for the second time, it didn’t send shockwaves throughout the Delaware Valley. The nine-year veteran guard was expected to be a minor role player.

Well, plans have a way of changing. Ivey continues to play meaningful minutes for the Sixers, including 18 minutes in last Monday’s loss to the Bucks. In fact, Evan Turner was on the bench while Ivey was logging clutch minutes.

Ivey has played well on both ends of the floor and has knocked down some big three-pointers.

“Hey, whatever [coach] Doug [Collins] needs, I’m there for him,” said Ivey, who played 97 games for the Sixers in 2008-09 and 2009-10. “I was very excited to come back here even though I was with a great franchise in Oklahoma City the last two seasons. This is a great basketball city here in Philly, and coach Collins and his staff are superb.”

Ivey is the type of player who will never complain. He can sit for 10 straight games and he’ll come to practice with the same intensity.

“I think that type of work ethic is one reason I’ve been in the league as long as I have,” Ivey said. “You have to be consistent. You have to work hard every day regardless of whether you’re playing or not. I’m thrilled to be contributing now and obviously, I hope it continues. Every player wants to be out there. I hope it continues. If I’m on the bench, I’ll support my teammates in every way.”

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