J.J. Redick says he wants to stay with Sixers long term

There have been mixed signals surrounding the Sixers for fans — and for NBA gamblers — interested in deciphering just how good the team will be next season.

While Las Vegas is crediting Philly with just 33 wins (bet the over), players left and right are making bombastic and confident statments about just how good they expect the Sixers to be in 2017-18.

Just last week, first overall pick Markelle Fultz said yet again that he seriously expects the team that won 26 games last season to make the playoffs after the next. It’s a sentiment that seems to have birthed from Joel Embiid and trickeled on down.

“My confidence is high,” Fultz said. “It’s nowhere near cockiness, it’s just me having confidence. I believe in the team. I believe in what I can do, what the coaching staff can do. Everybody on the team’s goal is to make it to the playoffs and everybody believes we can make it.”

Making a minor splash in free agency, the team is starting to show it is ready to try and compete while also showing they can be a destination for veteran players with their attractive and talented core.

J.J. Redick signed a big one-year, $23 million deal choosing to join the upstart team with little insurance going forward. As it turns out he’s really drinking “The Process” Kool Aid.

“As these guys get older and get more experience, I think there’s an opportunity to make a leap and really be one of the elite teams not only in the East, but in the NBA,” Redick said recently on the HoopsHype Podcast. “That’s a credit to Sam Hinkie, Bryan Colangelo and to their owners.” 

Redick is so excited to be a member of this team — which already boasts Ben Simmons, Embiid, Dario Saric and Fultz among others — that he is making it clear, early, the he hope to be in the team’s long-term plans.

“It is the ideal scenario,” Redick said of returning for more seasons in Philly. “I also understand given their cap situation and given the age of their core that even if I do stay for two or three years, it may only be on one-year deals.”

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