Jade Vixen: Still seeking cause of death for fetish model’s boyfriend

An Upper Darby dominatrix is still being investigated in connection with the death of her boyfriend, the second boyfriend and third man she’s known to die in the last three years, the township superintendent said yesterday as reports first surfaced.

“It’s kind of strange that three men in her life are dead and we want to make sure we have all the facts before we make a conclusion,” said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood. “There are a lot of questions to be answered.”

Police were called Aug. 19 to the Upper Darby home that Peter Stelzenmuller, 49, shared with Edythe Maa, also known as fetish model Jade Vixen.

They found Stelzenmuller’s body clad only in a pair of white shorts, but determined that he was originally wearing a black suit and a mask with two tubes coming out.

“We’re concerned about whatever type of suit he had on – we have other information I can’t share right now – and why [Maa] changed him before she called the police,” Chitwood said. “She’s allegedly involved in S&M and one of her specialties is oxygen deprivation, so we’re looking to see what’s going on.”

“There was a whole lot of sexual paraphernalia found in the place,” he said.

The Delaware County medical examiner could not determine a cause or manner of death. Police are currently trying to determine whether it was criminal or accidental.

“Right now, we’re waiting for toxicology reports and also looking that this could be an accidental death due to some type of autoerotic asphyxiation,” Chitwood said. As far as the possibility of Maa’s involvement he said, “That’s why we’re doing an investigation.”

August 18

The night of his death, Stelzenmuller had plans to go to a concert with his brother, who knocked on his door at 5 p.m. to no answer and returned around 11:30 p.m. to check on him.

Maa then answered the door and, upon discovering that her boyfriend was not at the concert, rushed upstairs, where she discovered Stelzenmuller’s body. “She immediately went up to the attic. I don’t know what made her go there,” Chitwood said.

Vixen’s deadly past

Maa first attracted media attention in 2008, when former client David Krieg, 42, ambushed her and her boyfriend, Manhattan lawyer Anthony Ottaviano, 40, outside of Maa’s Brandywine Street apartment in North Philadelphia.

After shooting Ottaviano to death, Krieg kidnapped Maa for four hours before returning her unharmed to a relative’s house in West Chester.

After a nine-hour standoff with authorities, Krieg shot and killed himself.

Chitwood said that authorities are reviewing that case as well.

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