Jake Miller wants Philly to escape the real world

Jake Miller

Singer-songwriter Jake Miller is hitting the stage in Philly this week, and the 26-year-old Florida native promises to produce an unforgettable feel-good show. Miller recently achieved massive success with his single “Wait For You” and also just signed with Sony Music, cementing his status as an up and coming music sensation. Aside from the successes of his career, the “Nikes” singer really just wants to make music that impacts people in a positive way and provide an escape from the real world. Miller sat down with Metro to chat about his inspirations and give insight on what to expect at his show on April 25 at The Foundry at the Fillmore.

Jake Miller wants Philly to escape the real world 

I noticed you write and produce your own songs, where do you gather inspiration from when you write?

I listen to every type of music, so I’m a big fan of anyone from Frank Sinatra to John Mayer to Pharrell. I think I kind of just take all of my music interests and put them all together and that’s what creates my style. In terms of what I write about, I always just write about what I’m going through and real-life experiences. I think it’s really important that I connect with my own music and that’s the only way the world will connect with my music.

Your previous albums were independent, but you signed with Sony for your latest one, how has it been working with your new label?

It’s been amazing, they’ve still given me all of the creative control so I still get to write and produce all of my own music, but using all of the resources of a major label and just having them behind me makes it a lot easier for me. It’s just really motivating and it inspires me, it makes me want to make even better music and deliver even more creative visuals and take everything to the next level knowing that I have a great team behind me working day in and out.

The single “Wait For You” from your latest album is obviously a hit, what is that song about?

It’s really just about waiting for somebody that you love to make up their mind. You know that they’re worth it so you’re going to wait for them to go through whatever they are going through and you’ll be waiting for them on the other side.

Jake Miller

Do you have a favorite song from your latest album?

I have a few for different reasons. I love “Wait For You” just because of the success of it—it’s really inspiring, and hearing it on the radio means everything to me. I also love the song called “Nikes” and there’s a song called “Skinny Dip” that’s kind of like a country song, just really cool melodies and lyrics, it’s very nostalgic.

How would you describe your music style to someone who has never heard your music before?

I would say positive, and there’s just something in it that feels fun. It’s uplifting and you can listen to it no matter what age you are, what ethnicity or what gender. I think everybody can listen to my music and just feel good, same thing with my shows. You can come to my shows and it’s just two hours where you can escape the crazy world and just enjoy good music and good vibes. That’s everything that I strive for.

What are some of your hopes and goals for your career?

I just want to keep making music that makes people happy and positively impacts people. In terms of actual goals, I would love to have a platinum song, you know have that one song that blows up and everybody knows it. I would love to win a Grammy one day, but as long as I can keep doing what I’m doing and gradually get bigger and bigger, have the fan base grow and the music gets better—that’s all I can really ask for.

Overall what can fans expect when they attend a concert of yours?

Just an amazing vibe, you can escape from all of your problems for a few hours and just escape from the real world. I’m on stage having the time of my life—definitely, a cardio workout, jumping around, smiling and laughing. Just an all around good time, definitely a night that people won’t regret.

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