Jeffrey McMullen: Man allegedly robbed bank for $1 in an attempt to land himself in federal jail

A Cambria County man allegedly tried to rob an AmeriServ bank for $1 on Friday in an attempt to be jailed at a central Pennsylvania federal prison, according to a report from The Tribune-Democrat.

Jeffrey McMullen, 50, entered the bank shortly before 1:30 p.m., took out a paper and pen and
wrote a demand note that read, “Federal bank robbery. Please hand over $1.00,” according to an affidavit obtained by the paper. He also had a second note that said, “FBI custody. Prefer[a]bly Loretto Pa. No press. Seal all files.”

Two tellers thought the holdup was a joke – it wasn’t until he repeated his request to a third employee that she handed over the dollar and called police.

The first teller, who reportedly knew McMullen as a regular patron of the bank, did not take him seriously and told him to go to the next window, according to the paper. There, McMullen became angry and demanded the money, but the second teller also thought it was a joke.

McMullen reportedly became more frustrated when the first teller asked him if she should get the bank manager and began to walk away. That’s when he allegedly tried to reach into her drawer and told her “to give him the money so no one got hurt,” according to police. He reportedly said that he wanted police to come and that he would wait inside the bank until officers arrived.

He finally spoke with a new accounts employee, police said, who took $1 from her purse and gave it to McMullen, then called police. He waited for them at the bank branch and was taken into custody without incident.

McMullen is charged with three counts of robbery. He was arraigned and bond set at $50,000, though a judge ordered that he undergo a mental health evaluation before he is released from prison. McMullen does not have a criminal record in the state, according to court documents, and has never been incarcerated. It is unclear why he seemed intent on landing himself in federal custody

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