Jimmy Rollins hops on Warren Buffett bandwagon

Jimmy Rollins is “blessed to pay a lot in taxes” and willing to pay more, according to the October issue of Philadelphia Magazine due out later this week and posted on the magazine’s website yesterday.

In the article, the Phillies shortstop and former National League MVP isn’t that concerned with talking baseball this time around. Rollins shares a similar way of thinking about taxes with investor Warren Buffett. He says he’s concerned with the issue of the rich paying fewer in taxes than others struggling to pay their bills.

“If it’s going to lift two families up, go ‘head, tax me more, I can handle it,” says Rollins.

What inspired Rollins to voice his opinion? A recent New York Times op-ed written by Buffett caught his attention.

“Warren Buffett pays less taxes percentage-wise than his secretary, you catch that?” Rollins asks in author Tim Whitaker’s story. “How can that be?”

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