Joe Paterno, Chad Ochocinco, Tiger Woods’ caddie, David Akers

Injured coaching legend — and original casting call organizer for the “Golden Girls” — Joe Paterno is out of the hospital and plans to return to practice Wednesday. The school announced Tuesday that the 84-year-old won’t need surgery and that “precautionary measures” are complete.

Also, Chad Ochocinco is loving life in Beantown. Literally. The receiver plans to live with a Patriots fan for the first two or three weeks of the season (contest rules to follow) and referred to his new city as “heaven.” Ochocinco has endured 14 practices so far in New England.

Adam Scott and caddie Steve Williams had a private chat about Williams’ comments about Tiger Woods following Sunday’s win at the WGC. Basically, it’s considered a non-issue and everyone is moving on. Williams told Fox Sports that he said what he said, and “I’m not going to say anything more about Tiger.” Hopefully, this “story” doesn’t get much more air play.

Speaking of Tiger, mistress No. 4 was busted for DUI this past weekend.

Below is a photo of the billboard former Eagles kicker David Akers put up on I-95, near Lincoln Financial Field. Classy move from a classy guy.

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