Joel Embiid trailing in NBA All Star fan vote with 12 days left

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The NBA released it’s vote totals, through a week for the NBA All-Star game and those supporting Joel Embiid (and his romantic intentions to become an All-Star to woo his celebrity crush) will require a little bit of a push from Sixers fans.

Embiid tallied 221,984 votes from fans, good for fourth among front court players in the Eastern Conference. The top three will make the starting squad — though the NBA claims that the fan vote will account for 50 percent of determining the starting line up, with the media and players themselves splitting the other half.

Embiidis behind LeBronJames (595,288), Giannis Antetokounmpo(500,663), and Kevin Love (250,345). The 28,000-plus vote differential will need to be gapped for the Sixers’ rookie to get a starting nod for the game New Orleans, on February 19.

Back when Embiid was a newly drafted but injured player in 2014, the big man tweeted his desire to be an All-Star. Recently he retweeted himself to try and motivate the fans to come out and vote.

Even if Embiid is not elected to start there’s still a chance the 7-foot-2 star makes it to New Orleans. He will likely be invited to play in the NBA ‘Rising Stars’ game, and could also make the Eastern Conference team as a reserve player. He leads all NBA rookies in points and rebounds (with teammate Dario Saric in second on both counts) in limited minutes.

The rest of the current NBA fan vote is below.

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