Joel Embiid wants Sixers to recruit Kevin Durant

Getty Images

Kevin Durant hasn’t given any thought to future, or where he will play next — be it Oklahoma City (which lost Game 7 to the Warriors Monday) or somewhere else.

But that’s okay. Sixers’ center Joel Embiid, who has already seized twitter fame for his flirtatious with Kim Kardashian(among others) is on the case.

Just after the game ended, Embiid tweeted the above message to his 391,000 followers, remarking afterwards that:

Of course, LeBron James chose Cleveland — Philadelphia was not even on his radar.

Many expect that the Sixers are players for more second-tier free agents while they try and make an impact with their younger players. And most NBA experts project Durant, a former NBA MVP, to stay with the Warriors, or move to New York, Washington ot San Francisco.

But Embiid can hope, can’t he?

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