John Bolaris: A mother gone too soon

john bolaris Metro columnist John Bolaris

As I write this column on Mother’s Day, with my daughter asking me “What was your mommy like?” I get teary eyed as my mom was the world to me.

She was always concerned about everyone else, not herself. She was so sensitive that when a volunteer fire truck would go by, she would tear up. She was a beautiful smart woman with the bluest of eyes. I never in my life heard my mom utter a single profanity.

All my buddies wanted to come over to Mrs. Bo’s, as my friends would call her, as she would make the baddest lasagna on the planet. Not to mention during my high school football days, the meanest tuna melts.

Everyone loved my mom and she would make each and every person she met feel special. She knew my dream of becoming a TV meteorologist and gave me the confidence that I could do anything in the world. Despite many obstacles I fulfilled my dream.

My mom was taken away from me way too soon. It was Aug. 4, 1988, her birthday and eight days before my wedding. I had this uneasy feeling that day. I was working for CBS -TV in NYC, my dream job. I bought my mom a necklace with a diamond attached. I was going to give it to her during the rehearsal, but I decided to give it to her for her birthday.

She loved it and cried of course said how much she loved me and was so excited about the wedding. She died suddenly later that day after a massive heart attack. She never was sick a day in her life and was as fit as one can be.

My world was rocked. The only person in the world that would assure me everything was going to be alright was gone. The phone would never ring again asking me if I would like to come over for her baddest lasagna, telling me how she would smile ear to ear watching me live my dream on TV. And of course how proud she was of me and Dad would be smiling in heaven.

I buried my mom in the dress she was going to wear to the wedding along with the necklace. I don’t remember much about the wedding or the honeymoon to this day. Therapists would tell me I was in a state of mental shock. No. I lost my Mom, my everything.

Mom, I love you and thank you for making me the man I am today even with all my faults. And yes, everything is going to be alright. Happy Mother’s Day.

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