John Fugelsang dishes on why he loves Philly

Today, comedian and host of the soon-to-be-syndicated “Page Six TV,” John Fugelsang, stopped by FOX 29 to discuss what to expect from the new show as well as the many reasons why he loves Philadelphia.

“For me, I grew up admiring Philly. I’m a big history buff — my dad was a history teacher. I loved any chance I would get to come to Philly and appreciate how America started.”

He adds, “As fun as the town is, you really get a sense as to what was at stake when this country began and how important Philly was to America becoming the place it was.”

He also reflected on the early days of his career when he had one of his first comedy gigs here.

“One of my first college comedy gigs here was at the Philadelphia College of Textile and Science. Years later I got to perform here at the Walnut Street Theatre and the Kimmel Center with my political comedy. The audiences are spectacular.”

Now onto the most important matter of the day: Who has better pizza, New York or Philly?

“The pizza here is as good as the pizza in New York. Chicago puts us all to shame but Philly pizza is every bit as good as New York pizza,” Fugelsang admits.

So we have that going for us, too. Who’s hungry?

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