Jordan Hicks broke his hand while honeymooning in Greece

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Jordan Hicks had a honeymoon he’ll never forget.

After trading vows with his now wife the Eagles middle linebacker trekked to Greece to start his marraige and get some much-needed relaxation before training camp opened.

But then while getting out of the pool in Mykonos he slipped, broke his fall with his hand and broke his pinky.

“I wish I had a better story,” Hicks said, surrounded by curious media members after practice at Eagles training camp Thursday. “That’s been the question over the past few days.

“It’s nothing, I have been through so much worse, it’s a pinky.”

Hicks broke his fifth metatarsal and immediately called his agent and the Eagles medical staff who had him seek an X-ray a few days later in Santorini. Luckily all he needed was an X-ray — he wrapped the pinky and got treatment when he returned to the states.

“I walked into those hosptials and the freaking doctors and nurses were smoking cigarettes and they were relaxing having a great time and I was like ‘I need to limit what they do,'” Hicks said.

In practice Thursday, Hicks participated in some drills but not all but seemed to be just as mobile and comfortable on the field as he always is.

“There’s no restriction in my movement,” Hicks said. “It’s healed fast, I am feeling well. I was working out that week and running around and sweating. I was a little bit nervous, I have done this stuff on the field but off the field I’ve never had anything like that. The fact that it happened and I was so far away in Greece added a bit more pressure and stress. But what made me confident in what happened is that I was able to get an X-ray so quick and know what happened.

“Guys have had this and played the next week, and if this were the regular season that would have been me.”

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