Jordan Matthews, Carson Wentz explain unique touchdown celebration

Getty Images

“It’s all business.”

That was Carson Wentz’ response Sunday night when asked about his touchdown celebration with Carson Wentz after an early touchdown in a 34-3 win against Pittsburgh.

The two hooked up on a 12-yard slant that put the Eagles ahead 10-10 and the play seemed to get the offense rolling. After the score, the pair gleefully ran toward eachotherand engaged in an entertaining gesture.

“Heres what we do,” Matthews, who caught three passes in the win, said.”We wanted to do somethingthat representsusboth.Whenever guys score touchdowns they do somethingcrazy like jumping in eachothers arms and get hyped. We want to play togetherfor a long time, we work hard enoughto where we should expect to score touchdowns. So every time I score I touchdown I fake like I run up to him and shake hands business as usual.”

The classy celebration seems to encapsulate the outlook of the Wentz-led Eagles. It’s about putting in the work.

Wentz, even on game day, came in early to watch film, which Matthews says is “unusual.”

But it’s hard to argue with the results it’s produced. The Eagles are 3-0 heading into the bye week.

“No hype, straight business,” Matthews said with a smile.

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