Jordan Matthews: If you’re ‘drinking the Kool-Aid, you lose your appetite’

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The only thing better than watching Jordan Matthews’ dynamic and career-best performance Monday night was hearing him talk to the media about it afterwards.

Following his 138-yard, two touchdown performance, the rookie wide receiver said he finally knew what it felt like to be his mentor, Jeremy Maclin.

“I felt like I was Jeremy Maclin,” Mattews said. “At the same time, you have to put it behind you. Like I said, I have a bunch of great guys ahead of me who show me how to be a professional. If you take too much time looking at the stats and drinking the Kool-Aid, you lose your appetite. I just try to put it behind me and move forward.”

Matthews and Maclin must be sharing their Kool-Aid, or something, because they are the only Eagles rookies ever with at least 130 yards and two touchdowns in a single game.

And what did Matthews have to say about the quarterback slinging him his seven receptions (four of them for 73 yards on one first-half drive)?

“I mean, he’s a baller,” Matthews said of Mark Sanchez, who had a career night as well throwing for 332 yards and no interceptions. “Like I said, he’s a franchise quarterback. We are probably one of the only teams with two franchise quarterbacks. We are very fortunate to have that. They both have been to big games, both played in the playoffs, so we are lucky to have them. We just saw him go out and be elite today.”

Just how did the bromance between Matthews and Sanchez develop? In training camp of course.

“We had something going on in camp,” Matthews said. “We kind of had to. We were both on the second team at the time. So, I took the majority of my reps with him. After practice, I made sure I got extra reps with him. I knew that if I wanted to break into the lineup, I had to look good with the second team first.”

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