Joseph Ligambi busted in major alleged mob roundup

The alleged decade-long reign atop Philly’s organized crime syndicate has reportedly come to an end for Joseph Ligambi.

Ligambi has been arrested today in a roundup that stretches from South Philadelphia to southern New Jersey, according to reports. As many as 13 other alleged mobsters were also taken into custody by agents with the FBI.

Details to the early morning sting and charges associated with the arrests will be given at a press conference held later this morning.

Speculation about the potential charges include links to a major gambling ring busted over a year ago at bars throughout South Philly. Sophisticated video poker machines were confiscated by federal agents then.

Ligambi, 71, who has stayed under the radar for most of his tenure since taking control around 2000, worked in stark contrast to some of his predecessors, particularly the boss that headed “the family” immediately before him. “Skinny Joey” Merlino, 49, who coincidentally was released from prison to a halfway house a couple months ago, was an out-front leader, often partying in Old City at night and ruling with an iron fist during the day.

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