Josh Huff: ‘What professional athlete doesn’t own a gun?’

Getty Images

Josh Huff spoke to the media for the first time after being arrested Tuesday. He will likely face charges for having an unregistered gun (it is registered in Texas), having six hollow-point bullets and under 50 grams of marijuana.

When asked why he had a handgun, the wide receiver replied:”What professional athlete doesn’t own a gun?”

He was also asked why he had hollow-point bullets, to which he responded “for protection.”

Huff said he apologized to his teammates and to coach Doug Pederson, who confirmed the two sat and chatted when Huff returned to the NovaCare Center Wednesday after a players’ day off Tuesday.

“Well, I’ll just tell you this, he was very dejected and very disappointed,” Pederson said of their meeting. “You know, very apologetic, obviously. [He] said it wouldn’t happen again.”

Was Huff bringing the gun to work with him?

“I’m not Gilbert Arenas, bro,” Huff told reporters. “I’m not bringing a gun on the premises.”

It’s the second gun-related arrest the team has seen this year, with Nigel Bradham’s incident in Miami the first earlier this season.

“I don’t necessarily understand why they need guns outside of maybe sport hunting or whatever,” Pederson told the media earlier Wednesday.”But we just continue to educate our players and try to curb it the best we can.”

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