Judge orders Philly polling places to let Republican minority inspectors inside

Following reports that polling places were refusing to let in Philadelphia Republican Party minority inspectors, dispatched to monitor for voter fraud at a number of sites that have not traditionally had such oversight, Common Pleas Judge John Younge has issued a court order mandating the inspectors be allowed inside.

According to a release from the District Attorney’s Office, deputies from the Sheriff’s Office will be dispatched to enforce the order allowing the certified minority inspectors into all Philadelphia polling places.

Reports are also rolling in that the names of a number of newly-registered voters are not appearing on the rolls and they are resorting to casting provisional ballots. The City Commissioner’s Office has been contending with a backlog in voter registration forms to be processed for weeks.

Finally, despite confusion to the contrary, you do not need photo ID to vote today, people! If it’s your first time voting at a new polling place, you will be asked to show some form of ID, but it doesn’t have to have your picture on it. Otherwise, just show up.

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