Judge Rejects Independent Mayoral Candidate’s Request for Ballot Name-Change

Judge James M. Lynn recently rejected 2011 independent mayoral candidate Diop Olugbala’s request to change his name on the ballot from his birth name to that by which he is popularly known.

Olugbala, born Wali Rahman, argued that voters popularly know him as Diop Olugbala and would not recognize his given name.

He will publicly address what he views as a “political attack” on his campaign outside City Hall tomorrow.

“Judge Lynn’s membership in the democratic party is conflict of
interest in this ruling, which clearly attempts to sabotage my campaign,” Olugbala said in a statement.
“Judge Lynn, the democratic Party and Michael Nutter have done this as
an underhanded attempt to deny the people a legitimate chance to vote
for me, a people’s candidate.”

Olugbala has filed a motion for reconsideration requesting that Lynn overturn his decision to deny the name change and is urging his constituents to petition the judge, as well.

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