Kaat: Speed key to Phils’ mound success

Jim Kaat sees some of himself in Cliff Lee whenever the pride of Arkansas takes the mound.

Lee, much like Kaat — who pitched for the Phillies during the late ’70s — doesn’t waste time while throwing.

Of course, Kaat, 72, an MLB color commentator with 283 career wins, was not an anomaly during his era. Now, Lee and Roy Halladay stand out, since neither is slow and deliberate like many of their peers. They move quickly and keep a good rhythm going when on the rubber.

“I think there is a big reason why so many pitchers take a long time to deliver a pitch,” Kaat said. “I think there is so much information now for pitchers that they try to process so much. They think too much.”

Lee concurs with Kaat.

“I would have to agree 100 percent with what he says,” Lee said. “At least that’s the way it is for me. I try to keep things as simple as possible.”

The intense southpaw goes over scouting reports, but doesn’t watch a lick of video.

“I just don’t do it,” Lee said.

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