Karen Brown says car vandalism “politically motivated” (UPDATED)

“It could have been a lot of things, but I think it’s politically motivated because all of the stories that came out last week.”

That’s what Karen Brown said this morning after she sent 11 pictures of her husband’s car which was reportedly vandalized last Thursday in South Philadelphia. She also says she’s gotten countless “nasty phone calls” over the weekend, but that they could be the result of listing her cell-phone number on business cards, of which she estimated distributing 1,000 while canvassing for votes.

She also said her car’s tires were slashed and the side keyed on 9th near Mifflin last week; her husband’s doused with acid a block away. When I noted some pictures look as if they may be dirt, she asked her husband what responding officers said: “It’s not dirt, it’s acid, aircraft stripper.”

“It’s all politically motivated,” she said. “I just, I don’t know, I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing.”

Brown, who called at 7 a.m., posited that whoever is behind the vandalism and calls was likely spurred on by stories in the Metro, Public Record and Daily News.

“They asked if I had any problems with my neighbors, but I don’t. This wasn’t a neighborhood issue,”

Brown said.

UPDATE: D.A. Seth Williams confirms Brown contacted him to let him know about the incident. A police spokeswoman said the police report states “her 2004 black Cadillac passenger’s side door was keyed and driver front tire was punctured. Damage is about $1,000.”

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