KE$HA: ‘My fans and I are taking over’

Like most of Ke$ha’s songs — including chart-busters “Tik Tok” and “We R Who We R” — her song “Crazy Beautiful Life,” from her album, “Cannibal,” is a fine example of art imitating her … crazy beautiful life. At one point she sings, “Got here by runnin’ my mouth” — which is quite true in this interview.

What is your favorite line to sing these days?

I love to sing the line in “We R Who We R”: “We’re running this town just like a club” because my fans and I are a cult of rowdy misfits and we’re taking over! And at my shows, when we’re all there together, I can really feel our collective energy — and that line feels like a mantra for us.

There’s definitely humor in some of your lyrics, but you deliver them without laughing.

I have no idea what you mean. What’s funny about my lyrics? They’re all dead serious, like the line about the “mangina.” And the line about my anus is especially serious.

You mention the Rolling Stones in more than one song. Is a Mick Jagger collaboration imminent for you?

Do you have his number?

Unfortunately I don’t. Did you really jump the fence to get into see the Stones when you were broke, like you sing in “The Harold Song”?

I really did jump the fence to see the Stones when I was too broke to pay, but that wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I didn’t have enough money to pay for shows until recently, so pretty much all the shows I’ve ever been to, I’ve had to sneak into. Over the years, I’ve had to get pretty creative to figure out how to get past security unnoticed; but I have also gotten to see tons of shows and made out with a ton of roadies.

What does it feel like to be going back to cities you’ve been to already on this tour, but at much bigger venues?

Every show I play, whether it’s to two people or 2,000 people, I go balls out. But it’s fun to get to go back because I see that our cult is growing.

Is there anything different you’re doing for the bigger venues?

Naturally, it’s all going to have to be bigger. Bigger band members — minimum 7-foot and 250 pounds; bigger condoms — Hefty garbage-bag size; bigger glitter — each piece is the same radius as a basketball; bigger beer bottles — each beer is actually a pony keg in glass.

With such a hectic touring schedule, do you still find time to lead the party lifestyle you sing so much about?

I can always find time to party.

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