Kids awed by STEM at Philly Science Festival

On Saturday, the Philadelphia Science Festival came to a close with its day-long finale carnival on the Parkway.

The festival featured 80 events over the course of nine days, starting April 9. The Science Festival is run by The Franklin Institute, in collaboration with 200 other regional science, cultural, and educational establishments.

Saturday’s carnival featured 160 different booths that took up the span of the parkway and used various family-friendly activities and demonstrations to answer scientific questions about the world.

One booth used demonstrations to answer the question: “How does oxygen run through my body?” Another booth attempted to answer, “How do lava lamps work?”

The festival went out with a bang of explosions, trash cans full of rubber balls and liquid nitrogen flew into the air, known as the “trash can salute.” The spectacle left the crowd in one final a moment of scientific wonder. Check out photos, above, of the Philly Science Festival.

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