Kolb, Jackson missing from nest on first day

No DeSean Jackson. No Kevin Kolb.

Eagles coach Andy Reid wouldn’t go into detail about Jackson’s contract situation or Kolb’s potential trade to Arizona. For now, he’s only interested in coaching the players that are at Lehigh.

“Obviously I want everybody here, I’m a coach,” Reid said. “But I’m also versatile and resourceful. The guys that are here, I’m coaching the heck out of them.”

Due to the unusual circumstances caused by the NFL lockout, veteran players have a one-day grace period to allow for travel restrictions. Reid said he talked to all the players on the Eagles’ roster, including Jackson.

As far as the Kolb trade speculation and signing marquee free agents, Reid stayed true to form by saying nothing.

“I don’t want to divulge anything now,” Reid said. “We’ll find out when it happens.”

The Eagles will conduct their first practice today at Lehigh. Due to new league rules, it will be non-contact and without pads. Reid is using the walkthrough to assess the state of his team.

“It’ll be a talk and walk,” Reid said. “We’re taking the chalkboard out of the meeting room and putting it on the field.”

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