Lane Johnson says he’s suing company that made supplements

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Lane Johnson is sticking with his story. He was dooped.

The supplements that he has been taking forced him to fail a drug test, the Birds’ offensive lineman said, and he is awaiting the results of a ‘B’ test — which are expected to come back by week’s end.

Wednesday he talked to the media after practice at the NovaCare Center.

“It’s like waiting for an execution date,” Johnson said.

If Johnson’s latestsamples don’t clear his name, he will be out for 10 games and the Eagles offensive line will be greatly weakened. But he claims that what he took should not have set off red flags.

“Everything I’ve taken has been approved by the NFLPA app. That is what every player uses,” Johnson said. “If you send it into the trainer of your team, all they do is read the labels, they do not test the products because it cost a lot of money to test each individual product.”

Johnson says it is the supplement company that deserves the blame, a company whose name he did not reveal, and “going after them.”

The Eagles should know Johnson’s fate before they take the field for Saturday’s Week 3 preseason game in Indianapolis against the Colts.

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