Lane Johnson: ‘Who has blocked people better than me?’

Lane Johnson was arguably — simultaniously — the Eagles most and least valuable player last season. Most, because when he was active and playing the Eagles were 5-1. And least because he was suspended for the use of PEDs and saw his team go 2-8 without him.

This year he is staying on the field, and according to the man himself, is a sure Pro Bowl pick.

“It’s the best football I have played,” Johnson said after the Eagles fired off a 31-3 victory against the Bears Sunday. “This year I hope they don’t try and deny me. I work my ass off, contrary to what people think. I think I am one of the best in the world.”

There is ample evidence for that claim. Johnson is leading the Eagles as they are among the three best teams in rushing in the NFL (Philly ran for 176 yards vs. Chicago) and has protected the Eagles’ most valuable asset Carson Wentz from the right side all season long.

He has also been a brick wall against some of the best defensive ends in the NFL week in and week out.

“I think if you look at the guys I’ve blocked, I’ve faced the best in the world,” Johnsin said. “I have Kahlil Mack coming up [in Week 16]. Who has blocked people better than me? I don’t want to get gypped out of it.”

With the Eagles at 10-1, it would be hard for anyone to keep Johnson and perhaps fellow O-linemen Jason Kelce and Brandon Brooks out of the Pro Bowl this year.  And even more impressive, the offensive line has continued to dominate even after losing future Hall of Famer Jason Peters, a nine-time Pro Bowler himself, for the season a few weeks ago.

“I knew if I played to my ability I would be there,” Johnson continued. “I have seen people in the past in the Pro Bowl who have not been better than me. I have been my own worst enemoy since I got in the league. If I can get out of my own way no one is going to stop me.”

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