Last remaining Occupiers ask, ‘where’s eviction?’

Several Occupy Philly protesters still hanging on at Dilworth Plaza expressed frustration last night that police had not yet taken action against them, causing the movement to stagnate in limbo amid piles of discarded clothes and sagging tents.

“If they’re going to evict us, stop wasting people’s time and do it already,” said John Phillips, a vocal member of the movement since its inception. “I don’t want to see any of my comrades hurt, but if you want us out, evict us. Don’t expect us to dwindle away.”

“We have to figure out step two — there’s been a lot of ideas shooting out here.”

The stress of constant vigilance combined with the uncertainty of the future was also taking its toll yesterday.

“It’s like a waiting game. I believe Mayor Nutter wants us to get tired and leave, but it’s not happening,” Phillips said. “I believe he was hoping and praying that after some of the groups splintered off, we’d die a slow, painful death, but that didn’t happen. … You can throw out our tents and tear down our signs, but you can’t evict an idea. We’ll come back stronger.”

Cop wrote on Occupy Facebook

Screenshots of threatening Facebook posts on Occupy Philly’s wall from a profile belonging to a Philadelphia police officer surfaced last week.

The posts included allusions to prison rape for those arrested at the Comcast Center and implied threats surrounding the Dilworth Plaza eviction deadline, including a picture of UC Davis students being pepper sprayed with the message, “5 o’clock is coming.”

A police spokes­woman confirmed yesterday that the profile’s owner, Mike Sidebotham, has been a member of the force since 2008. Though he deleted his Facebook page Friday, the incident is currently under investigation.

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