Latest ATV and dirt bike crackdown nets 53 vehicles, three arrests


Philadelphia police started an ATV and dirt bike crackdown that has netted 53 vehicles and resulted in three arrests so far.

On Sunday, Philadelphia police began an initiative coordinated by citywide officials to seize illegally driven ATV and dirt bikes, NBC has reported. Two of the 53 seized vehicles had been reported stolen.

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Dirt bikes and ATVs, despite being illegal on city streets, are popular during Philadelphia’s warmer spring and summer months, NBC added. During a Sunday news conference, police indicated they chose to begin the crackdown ahead of the warmer weather.

“We have a lot of complaints from the community. It’s complete lawlessness. These individuals run up and down the sidewalk,” Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Dennis Wilson was quoted by ABC, which added that authorities made three arrests during the crackdown. “People are afraid to let their children play in areas where the dirt bikes are riding.”

Dirt bikes and ATVs are illegal in the city unless they are ridden only on private property, according to ABC.

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“We have people who die from these every year and it’s very dangerous for people walking on the sidewalks when they come ripping up, and people have to dive out of the way,” Chief Inspector Wilson was quoted by NBC.

Police encouraged residents to call 911 if they see any illegal activity in their neighborhoods, ABC added.

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