Latest Eagles news: Jordan Matthews moving outside, Connor Barwin to defensive end and more

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There have been a lot — and I mean a lot of quotes coming from the NFL’s spring meetings in Boca Florida. From Chip Kelly’s attempted explanations to Jeffrey Lurie’sspecifications, to Doug Pederson’s game plans there is a lot of news for Eagles fans to swallow.

Here are five of the more interesting things we learned this week with microphones blazing:

Chip Kelly says firing was humbling

Everyone, including former Eagles head coach Chip Kelly was shocked when the coach — who had control of the 90-man roster as he explained — was fired after Week 16 last year.

“Yeah, I was surprised,” Kelly said. “We had spent the whole day game planning at our practice. Not something you saw coming. It is what it is.”

When asked at the meetings about the numerous players who have spoken out against the coach, Kelly responded by saying that a lot of players reached out to him and it was very humbling.

“You got to take the whole scope of it, not just a vocal minority.”

“You can listen to the Jason Kelces, and the Brent Celeks, and the Darren Sproles, and the Brandon Grahams and the DeMeco Ryanses,” Kelly said. “Those guys who were very encouraging. You got to take it all in. You just can’t say one person said one thing so I’m going to change how we do this.”

Kellyalso told the media that seeing Howie Roseman serve as GM for two years, and then not for his third year was an “awkward situation.”

Doug Pederson moving Jordan Matthews outside

After two seasons in the slot, Jordan Matthews will finally become a true No. 1, according to Pederson.

“I think he can play outside,” Pederson said. “I want to look him outside this spring as we go through the offseason. With his skill set, I think he can play both.”

The coach also confirmed that he sees Nelson Agholor as his No. 2 wideout.

Pederson reveals other key positional details

The Eagles’ head coach also confirmed a bevy of other specifics this week. He revealed that Connor Barwin and Marcus Smith will both ove to defensive end, and the linebacker landscape will seeMychal Kendricks at weak side, Nigel Bradham at strong side, and Jordan Hicks in the middle.

Jeffrey Lurielauds Howie Roseman

Howie Roseman has pulled off a trio of impressive, cap-clearing trades and has made a lot of contract negotiations work in Philly’s favor (Sam Bradford’s deal not withstanding) — and Eagles owner Luriecouldn’t be more pleased with his newly re-annointed GM.

“What Howie’s been able to do is pretty outstanding in a league that values salary cap space and draft choices,” Lurie said Wednesday.

Eagles will look to draft a quarterback

The Eagles need a third string quarterback. Would they draft one?

“I think that you have to continue to grow your roster,” Pederson told the media Wednesday.”And the only way you can create depth, a lot of times, is through the draft. I feel like we can find our third (QB) that way.”

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