Laugh out loud at the Walnut Street Theatre’s new masterpiece

A Comedy of Tenors

One hotel suite, two wives, three girlfriends, four tenors and a soccer stadium filled with screaming fans. What could possibly go wrong? Ken Ludwig’s hilarious comedy is a feast for your eyes, ears and funny bones. The story follows the behind the scenes drama occurring while trying to set up the Concert of the Century in Paris; a quick-tempered producer meets his match when his three stars prove to be a little more dramatic than he originally anticipated. Throw in a daughter who is in love, a wife who may or may not be cheating, a frisky Russian soprano and a lot of misconceptions and you get the masterpiece that is A Comedy of Tenors. 

Laugh out loud at the Walnut Street Theatre’s new masterpiece: A Comedy of Tenors

Ludwig first introduced many of the beloved characters in A Comedy of Tenors with his first show Lend Me A Tenor including Tito Merelli, Saunders, Max and Maria. Now audiences can watch the loveable characters in a whole new story, and the chemistry between the cast simply just works. They are over the top in the best way, emotionally hilarious and also incredibly talented vocalists. 

Ludwig came up with A Comedy of Tenors after seeing the success and how audiences responded to his first show. The playwright, who also happens to be a Pennsylvania native is ecstatic that the show is now playing in the City of Brotherly Love. “I love Philly. While I’m a native of York, PA, Philly has been a favorite stomping ground since my childhood,” Ludwig said in a release. “I’m delighted to have any occasion to spend time in Philadelphia, especially at the Walnut Street Theatre, one of my all-time favorite theatres in the country. ‘A Comedy of Tenors’ is my fifth show to be presented at the Walnut and I couldn’t be happier!”

A Comedy of Tenors

Ludwig’s masterpiece was based on a 1990 charity concert staged on the eve of the World Cup soccer finals that starred the three most celebrated tenors in the world, Plácido Domingo, José Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti. The spectacle deemed The Three Tenors was a massive success and to this day, the album is the best-selling classical album of all time. 

Actor Frank Ferrante tackles the role of Tito Morelli while also directing the production. If juggling that much is a tough feat, Ferrante doesn’t show it. He shines as Morelli and handles the impressive and complex features of show beautifully as a director. The rest of the cast are incredibly talented as well; each character has their own moment to shine- which they take and run with in a significant way. 

A Comedy of Tenors

Karen Peakes who plays Tito’s wife is a star; Ben Dibble brings a realistic tone to the show while still being hilarious; Jacob Tischler takes on his role beautifully; Alanna J. Smith is more than loveable; Dreya Weber steals her scenes and Scott Greer nails the role as the overly-stressed starry-eyed producer.

If you want a laugh, and you will laugh, A Comedy of Tenors is the perfect option. 

If you go: Now-March 3, various times, Walnut Street Theatre, 825 Walnut St, Philadelphia, prices vary,

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