Learn how to be more intuitive with the help of this psychic medium

Psychic medium Colby Rebel is hosting a workshop and a spiritual readings session this weekend. | Provided

On Saturday, May 5, psychic medium Colby Rebel will be in Philadelphia at the Philadelphia Ethical Society, teaching a psychic development workshop, in addition to doing spiritual readings.

“The workshop is for anyone who is wanting to understand intuition and how to integrate it into their own life. A lot of people just don’t understand what intuition and this is a fun way to understand it,” Rebel says.

According to Rebel, everyone is born with intuition, but some forget to trust it.

“They start to doubt themselves,” she says. “They start making a few wrong choices and forget that they have it.”

So why is it important to develop intuitive skills?

“It’s imperative. It helps us make better decisions about our  careers, what spouses we choose,” she says. “When you’re in tune with it you’ll make choices that align with your path and purpose.”

Rebel wasn’t always a full-time psychic medium, and spent 14 years as a tax manager before committing to her own purpose.

“I did thousands and thousands of tax returns, and I was good at it and I enjoyed it — but it wasn’t my purpose,” she says. “When you can look at what you enjoy naturally — like  if you’re one of those people who everyone asks for advice — part of your purpose is going to be counseling or being a teacher.  Let’s say you love gardening. You may like flower arrangement, design, landscape architecture. It’s finding things you naturally enjoy.”

While we all have intuition and can learn to develop it with practice, psychic ability isn’t something we’re all born with.

“It’s extrasensory perception. We can all see, hear and feel, but some people are more sensitive and are able to capture more feelings that not everyone else can. They link it all together to create messages,” Rebel says.

And what exactly is mediumship?

“It’s literally having the ability to connect to those who have passed on,” she says. “You communicate. It’s the craziest thing. It’s so real. The continued soul of our loved ones still live on.”
After the morning workshop on psychic development, Rebel will be doing spiritual readings in the afternoon.

“Our loved ones are so much more around us than we realize, but we get so focused on not having that physical voice or hug — but they’re all around us,” she says.

She also adds that our idea of heaven being somewhere above us is somewhat skewed.

“Really heaven is next to you,” she says. “It’s an invisible veil on the other side of where you are. Think of an invisible wall just beside us, rather than above us.”

If you’d like to register for the workshop, the spiritual readings session or both, visit: bit.ly/2I8wN3V.

For more information on Colby Rebel, visit: colbyrebel.com.

If you go:
Psychic Development Workshop &
Spirit Messages with Colby Rebel
Saturday, May 5
11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Philadelphia Ethical Society
1906 Rittenhouse Square

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