LeSean McCoy doesn’t intend to shake hands with Chip Kelly

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Apparently, according to former Eagles running back LeSean McCoy, there’s a special kind of relationship two people need to have in order for them to shake hands.

And McCoy, who was traded to the Bills in a shocking offseason move this spring, doesn’t have that with his former coach.

“We’re not shaking no hands,” McCoy said Wednesday on a conference call. “What are we shaking hands for? We don’t have that type of relationship.”

McCoy said in the call he does not take back any comments he made insinuating Kelly was racist. But he did have a few nice things to say about the coach who lifted Shady to his best seasons in the NFL.

“I had a blast. I really did, man,” McCoy said. “The fans, they were excellent. My teammates, I played with some great players. I learned from some great players. Coach [Andy]Reid, he was the man.

“And even Chip, Chip showed me a lot. He’s smart. He’s really smart and he just taught me different things. It was a blast to play in his offense. And then the city, kind of being in that city of Philadelphia, the fans are cool, there’s so much to do there. I had a blast in Philadelphia, I really did.”

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The shifty running back has been hitting his stride lately in Buffalo and will clearly be looking to make his impact felt in the Linc Sunday at 1 p.m.

“He’s probably one of the most elusive runners in the game,” Eagles safetyMalcolm Jenkins said.”He has a way of finding holes. He can hit the home run but he also can take the four or five yards he is given.

He’s a good friend of a lot of ours, but when you get on the field it’s all about competition.”

Jenkins is no stranger to reunions. He faced his former team, the Saints this season but treated it like any other game. Which is just what he expects McCoy to do.

“I’m surehe’s had this game circled on his calendar since he got to Buffalo,” Jenkins said.”But you can’t look toward that game until the week comes up, and you don’t want to make it about you, but it will be special for him.”

As for whether McCoy expects to be booed or cheered upon his Week 14 return:

“You guys know how Philly fans are, man,” McCoy said. “We’re gonna find out. … I’m cool with however it goes. I know how they are. We’ll see. It’s not like I asked to leave or anything.”

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