LeSean McCoy will not face charges for Philadelphia bar fight

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Bills running back LeSean McCoy will not face charges for a February bar fight involving off-duty Philadelphia police officers, 6ABC reported.

McCoy and former running back Curtis Brinkley were accused in February of taking part in the fight that left two off-duty police officers hospitalized.

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According to 6ABC, Philadelphia DA Seth Williams said that his office found”insufficient evidence to prove any individual committed a criminal offense.”

“While it is clear that a physical altercation took place and that several people were injured, there is insufficient credible evidence to determine which of the participants was the initial aggressor, or if some participants were acting in self-defense or in the reasonable defense of another,” Williams explained.

Even though McCoy won’t be charged by the DA, the NFL will reportedly do their own investigation and could pursue disciplinary action against the running back on their own, ESPN stated.

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The Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby and the Philadelphia mayor’s office had previously said that they believed McCoy should be charged, NBC Sports added.

The fight, which took place on Feb. 7, allegedly started over confusion about a bottle of champagne that was supposedly taken from McCoy’s table, according to ESPN.

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