Let them eat Philly-approved cake!

I love Bastille Day. So much so that I’ll make the trek all the way to Fairmount — I know! Dedication! — for the storming of Eastern State Penitentiary and curbside champagne.

But one of my favorite traditions might be in jeopardy: If Tastykake doesn’t pull it together, how will Marie Antoinette (aka London Grill co-owner Terry McNally) pelt the crowd with Krimpets every year? We can not eat just any cake!

This year’s celebration (July 16; you can find out more here) is safe. But in the event of a Krimpet shortage/extinction in the future, I have a couple Philly-centric pastry suggestions.


While the cupcake craze has calmed down in some cities, it’s still in full-swing here. There are plenty to choose from, but mainstay Brown Betty’s hefty ‘cakes and generous frosting would make for a particularly satisfying smush.


The Northeast’s signature dessert/coffee break/breakfast boasts — when done properly — an over-the-top gooey surface, and I suspect has some Frisbee potential. Messy? Yes. But I’ll personally volunteer for clean-up duty.


At the risk of suggesting doing anything but savoring and honoring Isgro’s cannoli, their crispy outside and creamy filling lands them on this list. I was trying to figure out a way to work in the cannoli party platter (that would be a giant tub of filling with fried pastry dough to dip in, Dunk-a-Roo style), but even I have my limits.

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