L&I gets ‘professional’ uniform makeover

Property owners will now have a way to spot city building inspectors from a mile away as the Department of Licenses and Inspections unveiled new uniforms Thursday.

The new look is designed to help the public identify the department’s 60 operations and construction inspectors and set them apart from potential scammers, officials said. They also said it is intended to highlight inspectors as public safety officers like firefighters and police.

“It is a best practice across the county,” L&I Commissioner Fran Burns said. “If you look at the water department, Verizon, most of our field agencies … they wear professional attire.”

Burns, who is stepping down June 1 to work as executive director for the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority, added that the uniforms also enhance the professionalism and accountability of L&I.

The attire consists of a blue collared shirt or a black short-sleeve polo shirt with the department’s name and logo prominently displayed. They will cost L&I about $47,000 this year and $8,000 annually, Burns said.

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