Like the Eagles, this hoagie will ‘crush faces’

Stockyard Sandwich Co. serves up the JagerMonster hoagie for the 2018 Super Bowl. | Provided

Planning a Super Bowl party? If you’re looking for something one-of-a-kind to add to the menu, consider placing an order for Stockyard Sandwich Co.’s JagerMonster. It’s a 30-inch hoagie packed to the gills with everyone’s favorite Super Bowl eats, including braised beef, Jagermeister bbq pulled pork, house-made whiz, boneless wings, coleslaw, pickles, fried potatoes, onion rings, ranch, stock sauce and Jagermeister bbq sauce.

Simply reading about it makes your arteries feel clogged but epic moments like the Eagles going to the Super Bowl call for epic eats.

The decadent game day treat is the brainchild of Chef Will Lindsay, a lifelong Eagles fan who is sure the home team will “crush faces” on Sunday.

“I was born in Dallas but was raised properly by my parents from Philadelphia as an Eagles fan.  They brought us to Philly in 1999 and as I grew older I understood how great the bird gang is,” he says. “I haven’t missed a game for a decade.”

So what inspired the array of ingredients in the JagerMonster?

“We are big fans of Jägermeister here,” he says. “We love the anise and herbal driven liqueur and have talked about how great all of those flavor notes would make an amazing bbq sauce for a hoagie.”

The giant hoagie can feed between five to eight people, but how much of it could Lindsay actually eat?

“Me personally, I am a big human and can probably only handle about a 1/8 of the sandwich,” he says. “It’s 30” and triple-stuffed.”

If you’d like to order a JagerMonster for your Super Bowl party, be sure to place it by Saturday, Feb. 3 by 4 p.m. Each hoagie costs $60. 

Stockyard Sandwich Co. is located at 1541 Spring Garden St.

For more information, visit:

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