Little Baby’s Ice Cream: A whole new flavor of ice cream truck

With the brutal heat wave that we’ve been suffering over the past couple of weeks, ice cream has no doubt been preoccupying nearly everyone’s minds lately. But Pete Angevine, Martin Brown and Jeffrey Ziga have had the delectable stuff freezing their brains for much longer. The co-founders of Little Baby’s Ice Cream spent months devising and taste-testing bizarre new flavors before their official launch earlier this summer.

Since then, they’ve pedaled their trike to all manner of events in order to hawk tasty treats ranging from Coffee Toffee and Birch Beer Vanilla Bean to the more daring Cardamom Caramel and Earl Grey Sriracha. (Not every flavor makes the cut: Champagne and Lucky Charms never faced the public.)

This weekend, they’ll be at both Exhumed Films’ “Planet of the Apes” marathon at International House and at Pizza Brain’s Guinness World Record event at Craft Hustle Art Gallery (complete with Pizza and Guinness flavors created for the occasion).

“You can let your imagination run wild and make super-weird ice cream,” says Angevine who, like his partners, sees this venture as an extension of their involvement in the local arts and music scenes. “But most of the time it’s still going to end up being delicious, so it’s an awesome way to bring people together and freak ’em out a little bit — but leave them smiling.”

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