Local social networking site wants to microchip your children

Pennsylvania-based social network PrimeHangout is working on a re-engineered and reprogrammed microchip to combat child abduction, combining new media and technological advances to save lives.

“PrimeHangout is just a few months away from completing a fully functional prototype of this all important technology,” said Chairman and CEO Henry Balogun in a statement, referring to the technology as ENOACH. Balogun is also Chairman and CEO of ClinicTools.com.

“Our goal is to make it impossible for any abductor to complete his or her evil intent and for a child to return home safely regardless of the time of day.” He said that the technology would allow law enforcement and authorized users to monitor children’s whereabouts in emergency situations and possibly stop any kidnapping scenario from escalating to violence.

“Although primary registration can only be done on www.primehangout.com, any website with proper authorization would be allowed to use ENOACH,” Balogun said.

The company applied for a provisional patent application on Jan. 5 and said it is “a little premature and unwise” to provide additional details about the invention now.

But Balogun did say, “However, we want you to be assured that this is not about a biodegradable microchip to be inserted in human beings. We are not in the business of replacing one problem with another. This is all about re-engineering and re-programming the microchip to produce life-saving technology.”

“The time has come to take social media and technology to a new height, thereby combining both into a useful life-changing and life-saving tool.”

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