Looks like Joel Embiid wants Donald Trump’s support — to be an All-Star

Getty Images

The NBA’s preliminary All-Star fan vote came out earlier today— and Sixers star rookie centerJoel Embiid was in fourth place in frontcourt Eastern Conference voting.

Trailing Kevin Love by 28,000 votes,Embiid himself decided to seek Mr. Popularity to help him get voted into the All-Star Game. Or should we say, Mr. President-elect.

The always tweet-happy president-elect hasn’t yet weighed in on the All-Star Game — he likely has more pressing issues to tweet about — but you never know. Embiid, a savvy tweeter himself is going to the right place to round up more necessary votes to get into the February exhibition match. Trump has 18.7 million followers to Embiid’s humble 495,000.

The tweet Embiid sent himself is a little cryptic, particularly the ” WOWWW” part, but it sure got some interesting feedback on Twitter. If you have five minutes, scroll through the responses to Embiid’s latest tweet to get a nice laugh.

The NBA is counting NBA All-Star votes on Twitter this year, and simply tweeting “Joel Embiid #NBAVOTE” is all one needs to do to vote.

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