Louie, dog lost in stolen car, comes home

Help Louie Get Home

Louie, a black Labrador mix missing for 44 days after a car he was in was stolen, has been sleeping nonstop since he was returned home, his owner said on Sunday.

“It’s definitely a combination of hunger and just finally being in a safe and warm spot where he doesn’t have to watch his back,” said JJ Pierce, Louie’s owner. “I think he’s just going to sleep for a couple weeks straight. He woke up for maybe an hour yesterday and played for a little but, but he is just exhausted.”

Pierce left Louie in her car while she ran into Home Depot in South Philly on Oct. 9. She came out minutes later to find the car broken into and stolen.

In the weeks since then, a group of animal activists dubbed “Team Louie” have been passing out fliers and organizing search parties for Louie.

On Friday, a couple found a dog they found believed to be Louie and contacted the group, which had established a $3,000 reward.

A chip scan confirmed his identity, and Pierce was reunited with her dog – who was about 15 pounds lighter, but otherwise healthy.

“I can definitely tell that he’s been through a lot,” said Pierce who has no idea where exactly Louie has been.

“What shocked me the most was his physical condition was just terrible, but he had so much life and spirit in his eyes,” she said. “In the moments when I see glimpses of the puppy that I know, I know it’s just a matter of time before he’s back.”

Pierce said she’s planning to hold a “thank-you” party for Team Louie,New Leash on Life USA and One Love Animal Rescueand other groups that supported her –as soon as she and Louie are completely recovered from their ordeal.

To read more about Louie, visit the Help Louie Get Home Facebook group.

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