Luke’s Lobster is giving away free lobster rolls

Luke's Lobster is giving away free lobster rolls on June 15, 2018. | Provided

Luke’s Lobster is giving away free lobster rolls on National Lobster Day on June 15, but there’s one “catch” — you have to wear a Canadian tuxedo.

What is a Canadian tuxedo exactly? It’s when you wear denim pants and a denim shirt — denim on denim, if you will.

(Need some outfit inspiration? Jay Leno, Rihanna, Britney & Justin and of course, Ryan Gosling, pull off the look flawlessly in the photo above.)

The first 450 people to order lobster rolls at Luke’s Lobster on June 15, wearing Canadian tuxedos, will get a free lobster roll.

But why the obsession with Canadian tuxedos for this particular promotion?

According to a press release, all lobster comes from Canada in June and June 15 is the peak of Canadian lobster season.

To pay tribute, Luke’s Lobster is rebranding National Lobster Day on June 15 as Canadian Lobster Day.

And in case you didn’t know, the official National Lobster Day is actually celebrated on September 25 in the U.S. The one on June 15 was made up on the internet. That’s the reason why Luke’s Lobster decided a Canadian rebrand of internet-created holiday was necessary.

If you’d like to score your free lobster roll on June 15, you can look up Luke’s Lobster locations in your city here. And just to be clear, they will be giving away 450 lobster rolls in total across all store locations. 

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