M. Night Shyamalan loves the cocktails at Jane G’s

Nickolas Brozek crafted the cocktail at Jane G's for M. Night Shyamalan. | Provided

With all the Super Bowl excitement, we had to push back some fun celebrity sightings in Philadelphia, including that of famed movie director, M. Night Shyamalan, dining at Jane G’s in Center City.

Owned by Jane Guo, and located at 1930 Chestnut St., the restaurant has been a hot spot for celebrity sightings with the filming of “Glass.” Samuel Jackson ate there several times when he arrived in town to film with M. Night Shyamalan, ordering the mango salad and black bean- styled lamb.

On the Friday before the Super Bowl, Shyamalan himself was spotted at Jane G’s following Jackson’s visits. He was out with his wife and they stopped at the restaurant for food and drinks and he was surprised to see that many cocktails were inspired by his films. Shyamalan tweeted his 136,000 followers trying to decide which drink to get out, with choices like To Death: Not Today, Drunken Master, Unbreakable Mr. Glass, The Crown’s Colony and Shapeless…Like Water.

Server Brandon Nguyen had the pleasure of serving Shyamalan. After tweeting the menu options, M. Night ordered the Unbreakable Mr. Glass cocktail, designed by in-house beverage manager Nickolas Brozek. The cocktail features bulliet, cherry/apple compote, canton and bitters.

For dinner, the couple had chili oil wontons, mango salad, dry pot fish and vegetable mei fun. The staff reports that Shyamalan and wife were very friendly and nice and that they seemed to enjoy the food and cocktails. The couple was moved to a private table after being recognized.

Jane says, “We were honored to have M. Night dine with us and we’re glad he had an enjoyable experience. We are even more honored to have him tweet his fans about our cocktails. We are all big fans here at Jane G’s and so thankful he would pick Jane G’s when in Philadelphia. It would be our dream to walk in one day and find him dining with Samuel Jackson and Bruce Willis. Fingers crossed!”

For more information on Jane G.’s, visit: janegsrestaurant.com

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