Malcolm Jenkins suits up with Damari Savile

Damari Savile is a new line of suits by Malcolm Jenkins and Jay Amin. | Provided

Malcolm Jenkins already has so much on his plate as Philadelphia Eagles safety but outside of sports, fashion is near and dear to his heart, as evidenced by the launch of his fashion line Damari Savile with cofounder Jay Amin. Located at 709 Walnut Street, it provides both Made to Measure and Ready to Wear suits for those looking for a professional look with an urban flair.

“We realized that there was a hole in Philly for what both of us were looking for. Once we had a conversation about it it became apparent we needed to do something together,” says Amin on what initially inspired the collaboration back in March.

The pair moved quickly to get the business started before Jenkins started another season with the Eagles.

“We had our storefront by the end of March and were doing business by the first week of April,” Amin says. “We worked really hard and fast to get everything done. Obviously, Malcolm has another job so I’ve been doing a lot of the backend things to get us to where we needed to be.”

The name itself is a great reflection of what the brand stands for and how each cofounder brings his own sense of style to it.


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“Damari is Malcolm’s middle name and Saville is after Savile Row in England which is where I’m from,” reveals Amin. “ With ‘Damari’ you get an urban feel from it and Savile you get from Savile Row, which is where custom suits were born. We look at what we’re doing now as new twist to an old game and I think our name identifies with that.”

The new twist is immediately apparent in the quirky linings inside some of the Ready to Wear suits, which include camouflage prints and scenes of Paris.

What’s more, each suit in the current Ready to Wear collection is named after Philly streets.

“Each suit we’ve named after streets in Philadelphia like Chestnut, Market, Walnut, Pine and Locust,” says Amin. “We tried to identify with Philadelphia being that we’re from here and our roots are here.”

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