Mama McNabb serenades Donovan in song

Donovan McNabb has long taken heat in this town for being a “mama’s boy.” Remember, he did those old Chunky soup commercials with her — at her insistence after the original ads featured an actress. Wilma McNabb was always at the Linc cheering her son on, and why not? Her son was a superstar quarterback for a proud NFL franchise.

However, she rubbed some fans the wrong way. I remember asking Donovan’s father about that at a diabetes awareness event about four years ago and he had no answer. I asked him why some critics might see Donovan’s charity work and bash him for it since his parents were involved.

I asked him, “Why do you think some people will see this and criticize Donovan?”

He replied, “You tell me.”

Such was the city’s relationship with the best quarterback in franchise history. Anyway, Wilma has written a song entitled “When Your Heart is on the Field.” The tune is surprisingly not bad, although let’s keep in mind that her son is playing football, not exactly saving the world.

With that being said, we present to you Donovan’s Song …

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