Man sues ex-wife for writing insults on alimony checks

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A New Jersey man is suing his ex-wife, claiming she harasses him by writing insulting terms on the memo line of the alimony checks she sends him.

Francis Wagner, 61, said he has suffered emotional distress from his ex-wife’s written insults, NBC reported, adding that the weekly $186 checks he receives in alimony sometime come with “bum” or “loser” written on the memo line.

“As far as I’m concerned, I can write anything I want on the memo line because it’s a note to myself. I was the victim in that marriage. What more blood does he want from me? I pay him religiously,” Diane Wagner, his ex-wife, was quoted by the Daily Record.

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Francis Wagner claimed the memo line notes have intensified his health problems, which include cancer and a bad heart, the Daily Record added, stating that Diane Wagner, 57, is also undergoing treatment for cancer.

“A reasonable person under similar circumstances could not be expected to endure such harsh and extreme abuse that is being applied by the defendant in her compounding intentional acts designed to hurt the plaintiff,” Francis Wagner’s lawsuit was quoted by the Daily Record.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified compensation for emotional distress, NBC stated.

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The lawsuit also claims that Diane Wagner routinely wrote the acronym FOAD in the memo line, according to the Daily Record, and the complaint alleges that FOAD means “[expletive] off and die,” but she said the acronym is a notation to herself, not an expletive.

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