Man with disability summits Rocky Steps

Facebook Screenshot / Steve Krause

Every weekend, scores of touristsclimb the Art Museum of Philadelphia’s famed steps, reach the top and pump their fists a la Sylvester Stallone. You’ve probably seen this. Maybe you’ve even done it. But nobody has accomplished this 72-step feat like Steve Krause.

Krause, an Arizona-based “sit-down” comedian, was born with arthogyrposis, arare disorder that limits the use of his legs and arms. On Sunday, Krause lefthis wheelchair at the bottom and climbed all 72 steps, and live-streamed the whole event on his Facebook page.

Just a day later, his video has been shared more than 200 times and has over 24,000 views.

No turning back! Disabled but Capable! Time to see if the hard work paid off! Remember you can do anything in life with a positive attitude! Thank you all for your support!

Posted by Steve ShortBus Krause on Sunday, July 10, 2016

In an interview with12 Sportslast month, Krause said he wouldn’t let his disability define him.

“This chair doesn’t define me, I define me. My heart and my mind and who I am defines me,” he told the website.

“Each flight has different meanings,” Krause said.”One flight is going to be depression, one flight is going to be suicide, one’s going to be the pity I’ve gone through my entire life, and then that last step is my future. So when I leave my chair at the bottom of those stairs, and I look down on it, I know I’ve accomplished it. I know I can do anything.”

In an interview withFox 10 Phoenix, Krause revealed he battled depression and alcoholism because of his disability, but is now a year and three months sober.

Krause trained for several months with a personal trainer to build the strength necessary to climb the steps with limited use of his arms and legs. He climbed for more than an hour on his back, but reached the top amid cheers from onlookers.

How’s that for #MondayMotivation ?

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