Many Eagles players disagree with Cary Williams’ opinion of Chip Kelly

Williams has 14 tackles and no interceptions in three games. Credit: Getty Images Williams has 14 tackles and no interceptions in three games. Credit: Getty Images

Chip Kelly and Cary Williams buried the hatchet Monday, a day after Williams, the Eagles outspoken defensive back, told reporters it was Kelly’s grueling practices that have caused the Eagles to fall short of putting together 60 complete minutes.

“He was frustrated,” Kelly said. “I have no issues with Cary. Cary’s just a competitor. He always wants to play a perfect game. He’ll tell you he just got frustrated.”

But other Eagles players have different opinions. The tough, breakneck pace of practice is beneficial to several players.

“It comes down to the mentality of our team,” safety Malcom Jenkins said after the win Sunday. “We train to finish, we train at a fast pace so at the end of practice we are just as fast as we are at the beginning.”

Jordan Matthews, back after a Week 1 win, had similar thoughts on the Eagles’ preparation.

“Coach Kelly does a great job of making sure we practice hard,” the rookie wideout said, “so our twos and threes get a lot of reps. Everyone get reps. So we know that whoever is playing is prepared. We were able to do that today.”

Williams claimed that other players shared his view, and no doubt some do, but Kelly said the coaching staff knows what each player is comfortable with and they monitor everyone closely.

“Every player on a daily basis [meets] with the strength coaches when they get here in the morning,” Kelly said. “We sit down with every guy, and [ask] where are you, what do you need? … Everybody is different.”

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